From My Heart to Your Hands

I am looking forward to the many years ahead with hopes of new discoveries.  It is my belief that with continuous, patient labor, a treasure trove of natural color will be found!

Over the years, my plant breeding program has developed an exciting range of fiber types and shades of color in the greens and browns.  New seed material given to me by spinners and most recently by public seed banks has proven to be a source of optimism in my quest for new colors.

My Passion

My work with naturally colored cotton began with a simple question: could the short fiber of the wild brown cotton be improved without losing the lovely color?  I was stunned to find that the brown color was actually hiding green, red, and pink.  These unexpected cotton lints were given to handspinner study groups who helped me discover other unique qualities.  My plant breeding program took on the task of not only improving the fiber quality, but also increasing the color spectrum.

I am personally dedicated to a sustainable approach to agriculture.  All of the cotton from my plant breeding nursery is certified organic.  Changes in farming practices did take many years, but the farmers now growing the cotton have adopted organic methods.  My goal to develop organic methods that are suitable for large-scale production of FoxFibre cotton has been achieved.

In closing, I would like to assure you that the newest and finest fibers will always come from my plant breeding nursery.  They will always be passed from my heart to your hands.

Sally Vreseis Fox

Colorganic Cotton

A short television documentary about Sally Fox and colorganic cotton.

Smithsonian Institute Presents

A television segment from the Smithsonian Institute’s “Invention” series showcasing Sally’s vision for colored cotton.