Cotton bolls opening up



These lovely warm fall days are encouraging every cotton boll to open and those already opened to develop their color. Now, how will this cotton get picked?……Please share your ideas! The picker, that I had hoped could be nursed along to pick for us again this year was deemed not worth the effort by the mechanic who believed in it the most. And so, I am asking people who know about used pickers and so far the cheapest one I have found is at 19K plus the transport. So, maybe we have grand cotton picking weekends, or maybe a great used picker will become available for me to lease with an option to buy, who knows?

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  1. amy staub

    Hi Sally, I have an organic bedroom store outside of Philadelphia and met June DeBoehmler (worked for IKEA for 25 years) today she shared your name with me and I am intrigued with what you do! Will keep reading as I work today in the store….thanks, Amy Staub

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