Opening Day!



Opening Day of the new website! Thank you so much John Guernsey and Monica Surrena of musicwell for putting this gorgeous and modern website together. Thank you sincerely Lynda Winslow for designing and crafting the wonderful Vreseis website for so many years. Thank you Dr Wally Hoffman for creating the first website under this name back in 1994, at the very beginning of the internet.

Hoping it all works and that I can add content and photos regularly here to keep everyone up to date on the current happenings.

6 comments on “Opening Day!

  1. Hanneke Lohse

    Sally congratulations!!! Your website is beautiful. The work that you have done is unequaled and exciting. I feel very privileged having personally seen all your work. Thank you. Just had my fingers in some of your cotton balls to pull out the few seeds. The feel of the cotton is amazing. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Cousin Katy

    This newest website gives us a visual and auditory window into the history of development and production of Fox Fibre’s growing legacy. Thank you Sally and Musicwell!!!

  3. Diane

    Congratulations on the new site!

  4. Thea Blair

    This site is soooo lovely! I will post it on fb and wish you all the best with your wonderful contribution to the well-being of Earth and all Beings.

  5. Pamela Marvel

    I just found your new website, Sally. It is beautiful! Gorgeous photographs. Congratulations on all the progress you’ve made with your cotton and the sheep, and good luck going forward – Pamela

  6. Mary Ellen

    A beautiful site, full of all the information a visitor would want. It’s great.

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