That sheep may safely graze


So now that we got the electric fence up and around the harvested Sonora wheat field, the sheep can eat the stubble. But, this is the part of the farm where I lost most of the 51 sheep to the healthy happy well fed (only eating hearts and livers leaving meat for the vultures and bald eagles, thank you very much!) coyotes last year. So, before the sheep get to the field we (the dogs and I) all walk down and around the  field, making sure that the smell of dog and human is present. The sheep follow us and then we just hang out for awhile while they settle in. Aesop the sheep dog only cares about making sure those sheep are going where they are supposed to go- asking for directions from me regularly while Albus and Ellie the Livestock Guardian Dogs seem to mainly care about predators and making sure they stay far away. It is such an interesting way to spend some time in the morning with each animal following their own instincts, all together making the farm come alive.

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  1. Mary

    So glad you have some LGDs! We have 5 that protect our sheep, goats, and alpacas, and would like to have at least 1 more. I hope you keep the LGDs with the sheep at all times. I have a friend who had only a guard llama have 10 of his alpacas killed by loose dogs recently, killed just for sport. They didn’t even want the meat.

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